Novel printed passive ultra high frequency radio frequency identification antenna using meander technique

Latifa El Ahmar, Ahmed Errkik, Jamal Zbitou, Ilham Bouzida, Aziz Oukaira, Ahmed Lakhssassi


In this paper, a novel radio frequency identification (RFID) antenna using a meander technique associated with a slotted patch is studied for RFID applications in the ultra high frequency (UHF) band [867.5-868 MHz]. The proposed RFID antenna is designed on a Kapton substrate with dielectric constant 3.5 and loss of 0.0027. It consists of two opposite meander line antennas of 8 turns each one and interconnected to ALIEH H3 microchip associated to two slotted patch’s with a global size 105×25×0.1 mm3. The proposed RFID antenna is designed and simulated using CST MWS as an electromagnetic solver. The results of the simulation show a return loss of -22.64 dB at 868 MHz, a reading distance of around 5 m, and a simulated input impedance of the antenna are 31.72+j109.68 Ω at the operating frequency 868 MHz.


CST MWS; MLA; Read range; RFID; RFID tag antenna

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