PV system applied on the new PUC-NPC inverter

Abdelhay Sadki Amari, Ayoub El Gadari, Abdezzahid Arbaoui


In this article, the authors present a new competitive Packed-U-cell and neutral point clamped (PUC-NPC) 9-level converter that utilizes a small number of power switches and passive components. Only seven switches are added to a single DC source. However, the proposed converter takes benefits of the neutral point clamped (NPC) converter’s capability to connect capacitors in series, all with a simple control that enables the algorithm associated to the proposed inverter operate correctly in an open loop operation. A technique of pulse width modulation (PWM) is employed to maintain capacitor voltage at desired values. The proposed inverter produces an almost sinusoidal waveform output voltage, as result, a perfectly sinusoidal charge current with minimal impact on the economy and energy consumption are optioned. The converter has been integrated with a photovoltaic system to minimize its impact on the electricity supply and enhance energy efficiency. In order to take a maximum power from the photovoltaic panel, authors employ a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technique based on disturbance and observe (P and O). When combined with the proposed control technique, it offers a competitive system suitable for standalone use or as an energy source, eliminating the need for PI regulators or additional investments. The proposed 9-level converter has been validated through simulation, utilizing the MATLAB Simulink environment to model the proposed system. Dynamics of this later were verified by changing the load charge.


NPC; PUC; PV system; PWM technique; THD

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i2.pp720-728


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