Gesture recognition technology: a new dimension in human-computer interaction interface

Nurbol Beisov, Gulnar Madyarova, Nurassyl Kerimbayev


Development of an interface for intelligent gesture control to improve user experience and increase the efficiency of interaction with a computer. This paper proposes a gesture recognition system based on artificial intelligence using convolutional neural networks (CNN). The system comprises three stages: pre-processing, optimal frame determination, and gesture category identification. The extracted features used are independent of movement, scaling, and rotation, providing greater flexibility to the system. The suggested gesture control technology, known as Kazakh Sign Language (KSL) for Kazakh alphabets, eliminates the need for additional devices, enabling users to interact with the system naturally. Experiments demonstrated that the proposed KSL system can accurately recognize Kazakh language alphabet letters with a high precision of 97.3%, owing to the utilization of artificial intelligence and CNN to enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of gesture control. Gestures, a type of visual formation, are perceivable by computers through machine learning models. The selection of methods and systems for recognizing Kazakh sign language gestures was accompanied by addressing various challenges related to language-specific orthographic and gestural features. The developed gesture control interface for human-computer interaction is applied in the field of inclusive education, aiming to assist deaf and hard-of-hearing children in learning sign language.


Alphabet of Kazakh language; CNN; Gesture recognition; Human-computer interaction; Kazakh sign language

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