Fractional-order PID controller tuned by particle swarm optimization algorithm for a planar CDPR control

Hemama Aboud, Ammar Amouri, Abdelhakim Cherfia, Abdelaziz Mahmoud Bouchelaghem


The use of cable-driven parallel robots (CDPRs) has been steadily increasing across various sectors due to their expansive workspaces, impressive payload-to-mass ratios, and cost-effective designs. Controlling these robots, particularly those with substantial actuation redundancy, can present challenges. This research paper proposes the implementation of a fractionalorder proportional-integral-derivative (FOPID) controller to effectively regulate the end-effector of a planar CDPR with four actuation cables. The parameters of the controller are fine-tuned using the particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm to ensure optimal performance. The proposed controller's performance is evaluated through two numerical experiments: target tracking and trajectory tracking using a point-to-point approach. Furthermore, a comparative study is conducted to highlight the controller's performance, comparing the proposed FOPID controller with both the classical PID controller and an optimized PID controller. The achieved results demonstrate that the proposed controller exhibits superior performance in terms of tracking accuracy and smoothness of control signals when compared to the other controllers under investigation. As a result, the proposed controller design represents a substantial advancement in control performance and can be regarded as a promising control strategy for CDPRs.


Cable-driven parallel robot; Dynamic modeling; Fractional-order PID controller; Optimization; Trajectory tracking

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