Design of a tunable center frequency and small size cavity bandpass filter by separating capacitor-loaded resonators

Van Son Nguyen, Hoang Anh Dang, Van Dung Tran, Cao Dai Pham, Thi Bich Phan, Van Trung Nguyen, Xuan Loi Dai, Long Tran Huy


This paper presents a tunable center frequency and small size cavity bandpass filter design method. In this method, a capacitor-loaded open terminal coaxial resonator is employed to reduce the size of cavity filters. The resonator is designed and fabricated separately into two parts to achieve the flexible operating frequency purpose. The first part is called the base of the resonator which is simply a pillar and directly fabricated integrally with the cavity housing. The second part called the hat of the resonator is the main part causing the load capacitance in cavity filters. By using different heights of the base part or/and different shapes and sizes of the hat, the operating frequency of cavity filters can be changed flexibly. This method not only reduces the difficulty and cost of cavity filter processing but also makes cavity filters reconfigurable. To demonstrate the effectiveness of the method, a cavity filter sample with a center frequency of 3.45 GHz and a bandwidth of 80 MHz was designed, fabricated, and measured. The measured results show that the insertion loss was smaller than 1.33 dB in the whole bandwidth, one zero-point at 3.350 GHz reaching -68 dB, the rejection at 3.550 GHz was -41 dB, unloaded Q was 5,898, and the dimension of the filter was 128 mm×86 mm×23 mm.


Capacitive load; Cavity filter; Coaxial resonator; Cross-coupling; Flexible operating frequency; Reconfigurable filter

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