Enhancing the performance of sustainable energy management of buildings in smart cities

Mule Pala Prasad Reddy, Mamidala Vijay Karthik, Chava Sunil Kumar, Katuri Rayudu, Gurrala Madhusudhana Rao


Energy utilization has been the most influential parameter in recent decades, especially in the smart city model. The energy management system has been a more attractive research problem due to its utility, ability, and applications. This paper has an objective that the article discusses innovative energy management methods for sustainability and highlights the potential for integrated smart energy sources. The discussion also touches on the understanding of energy management and production, various storage systems, and their potential future applications. This paper explores challenges in sustainable smart energy management, focusing on methodologies like smart energy systems, PV calculations, electric grid models, and energy management strategies in smart cities. The passive infrared receiver (PIR) sensor has been used in real-time energy management systems to integrate these methodologies into the city's infrastructure. The energy management design aims to coordinate electrical appliances such as fans and lights to minimize energy consumption. The article proposes new energy management and security techniques based on data sources to enhance city intelligence, adaptability, and sustainability by reducing human involvement in controlling electrical appliances in residential buildings. The proposed design and development system optimizes energy utilization more efficiently and effectively than conventional systems, meeting real-time energy management objectives.


Energy management; Energy prediction; Energy storage systems; Fossil fuels; PIR sensor; PV cell; Smart city

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i3.pp1315-1326


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