Implementation of a low-cost intelligent street light system using internet of things

Fatima Outferdine, Khalid Cherifi, Driss Belkhiri, Brahim Bouachrine, Mohamed Ajaamoum


In the contemporary world, science and technology are advancing swiftly to meet the growing human need for electricity. Within this framework, street lighting, serving as the most vital and ubiquitous element of urban lighting infrastructure, contributes significantly to public electricity consumption. Hence, enhancing the operational efficiency of street lamps becomes imperative to conserve energy. Nonetheless, traditional street lighting systems, being manually controlled, consuming excessive power, and entailing high installation expenses, present notable drawbacks and concerns. Leveraging the internet of things (IoT), advanced innovations automate various areas, including health monitoring, traffic management, agricultural irrigation, street lights, and classrooms. The current manual operation of street lights leads to substantial global energy waste. To address this, an integrated hardware and software solution is proposed. Practical implementation of the hardware devices employs a wireless sensor network, while the software focuses on developing an IoT application for data storage, analysis, and visualization. The proposed system enables effective monitoring of parameters such as ambient temperature, current, voltage, and energy consumption of photovoltaic street lights, which are used as an indicator of the lamp status. Using Xbee modules, a configuration by the X-CTU software is necessary to communicate between all street lights wirelessly. These Xbee modules are used as a leading technology for wireless sensor networks due to its low power and low cost. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed system is energy-efficient and cost-effective, and further can be implemented in real street light systems.


Arduino; Current sensor; NodeMCU; Smart solar street lighting; Thingspeak

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