Real-time forest fire detection, monitoring, and alert system using Arduino

Afiq Ikhwan Mohd Anuar, Roslina Mohamad, Arni Munira Markom, Ronnie Concepcion II


Early fire detection is critical to protecting forests from wildfires and enabling rapid responses to minimize fire spread. Existing forest fire detection methods cannot quickly detect forest fires and evaluate the fire risk of these sensitive areas. Hence, this research aims to develop a real-time forest fire detection, monitoring, and alert system. The development of the system started with assembling temperature and humidity sensors, a smoke sensor, an Arduino microcontroller, and a wireless fidelity module. Then, a fire monitoring and alert system was developed using Blynk. From the sensitivity flame sensor analysis with the fire, the flame sensor detected the presence of fire up to 60 cm. The sensor also indicated high temperature (45 °C) and low humidity (53.4%) at noon. Low temperature (29 ℃) and high humidity (88.4%) were identified in the morning. Moreover, the highest carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration of 1,800 ppm was recorded when the smoke from the fire was detected. The global positioning system module shows the accurate real-time location of the system displayed in the Blynk application. In conclusion, this system can detect and monitor early forest fires in real-time and can alert the authorities to protect forests from wildfires.


Alert system; Arduino microcontroller; Fire detection; Forest fire; Monitoring system

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