Development of a machine learning algorithm for fake news detection

Nur Atiqah Sia Abdullah, Nur Ida Aniza Rusli, Nurshaheeda Shazlin Yuslee


With the extensive technological advancements and expansion, the persistent issues regarding the creation and rapid dissemination of fake news have become a prevalent and recurrent concern. The manipulation of news content has critical repercussions, such as causing public mistrust, fear, harm, and misinformation. Addressing that, this study developed a supervised machine learning algorithm that can accurately classify social media data as fake news. The methodology of the proposed fake news detection model involved five main components: data acquisition from Twitter, data preprocessing, data transformation, model development using Naïve Bayes, decision tree, and support vector machine (SVM) and model evaluation using accuracy, precision, recall and F1-score. The results revealed that decision tree recorded the highest accuracy for both textual data (100%) and metadata (94.54%) and consistently outperformed both Naïve Bayes and SVM in terms of precision, recall, and F1-score metrics, with a score of 100% for the classification of textual data-based datasets. Regarding the metadata-based classification, decision tree also demonstrated excellent performance, with the highest F1-score of 94% for fake news data. Meanwhile, SVM exhibited the highest precision and recall performance for the metadata-based classification. Overall, the application of the decision tree classifier was deemed the most effective in Twitter fake news detection.


Decision tree; Fake news; Machine learning algorithm; Naïve Bayes; Social media; Support vector machine; Twitter

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