IoT-based system to detect and control natural gas leaks in residential kitchens

Max Jhonatan Pillco-Sanchez, Alex Antonio Huatuco-Villanueva, Jhony Miguel Sanchez-Ramirez, Maritza Cabana-Cáceres, Cristian Castro-Vargas


Natural gas is widely used in many homes for cooking, but a lack of gas leak detection has led to large fires and accidents. This article presents the design and implementation of a natural gas detection and extraction system for domestic kitchens in Lima, Peru. The ESP32 microcontroller allowed remote circuit control, resulting in a more convenient setup than the Arduino UNO microcontroller. After calibration of the sensors and their corresponding programming, three actions were established in response to different gas levels: alarm activation, space ventilation and gas extraction, and thermal shutdown. Strategic sensor placement and improved physical presentation of the system were performed to ensure accurate readings and effective deployment. The results demonstrate the proper functioning of the circuit and its ability to prevent accidents related to gas leaks. The designed system offers the advantage of remote monitoring, providing access to the user from any location. In conclusion, this project offers a comprehensive solution to prevent accidents caused by gas leaks in home kitchens. With satisfactory results in terms of operation and rapid response, the project demonstrates its effectiveness in accident prevention. This design offers a practical and accessible solution, improving security and bringing peace of mind to homes.


Gas extraction; Leak detection; Natural gas; Sensors; Stoves

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