Artificial intelligence-based Karawo motif formation using genetic algorithm

Mukhlisulfatih Latief, Syahrul Syahrul, Abdul Muis Mappalotteng


This research explores the application of artificial intelligence in generating Karawo motifs, a traditional Indonesian pattern. The research involves collecting a dataset of existing Karawo motifs and utilizing genetic algorithms to evolve and create novel pattern variations. The generated motifs are evaluated based on their adherence to traditional design principles and aesthetic appeal. The formation of Karawo motifs begins with randomly selecting image data from a database. Then, the selection of transformation treatments is performed by optimizing the fitness function within the genetic algorithm. The applied types of transformations include geometric transformations, Boolean transformations, and arithmetic transformations. The outlined genetic algorithm steps include determining the fitness function, performing its evaluation, selecting fitness values, applying crossover, implementing mutation, managing survivor selection, and terminating iterations. The results indicate that the developed system is capable of creating diverse and appealing Karawo motif patterns, showcasing the potential of combining traditional artistry with artificial intelligence. This study has the potential to expand the possibilities of Karawo motif design and contribute to the preservation and promotion of Indonesian cultural heritage.


Arithmetic transformation; Artificial intelligence; Boolean transformation; Genetic algorithm; Geometric transformation; Karawo motif

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