Efficient and robust disaster recovery system using cloud-based algorithms with data integrity

Gurumoorthi Gurulakshmanan, Raveendra Nandhavanam Amarnath


Incorporating cloud-based algorithms for disaster recovery (DR), it explores data replication, failover, virtual machine (VM) migration, and consistency algorithms. These algorithms play a pivotal role in safeguarding data and system continuity during unforeseen disruptions. Data replication ensures redundancy, failover algorithms swiftly transition to backup resources, VM migration facilitates resource optimization, and consistency algorithms maintain data integrity. Leveraging cloud technology enhances the effectiveness of these algorithms, providing robust DR solutions critical for business continuity in today's digital landscape. The recent growth in popularity of internet services on a massive scale has also raised the demand for stable underpinnings. Despite the fact that DR for big data is frequently overlooked in security research, the majority of existing approaches use a narrow, endpoint-centric approach. The significance of DR strategies has grown as cloud storage has become the norm for more data. But traditional cloud-centric DR techniques may be expensive, thus less expensive alternatives are being sought. There is persistent concern in the information technology (IT) community about whether or not cloud service providers (CPs) can guarantee data and service continuity in the event of a disaster.


Cloud-based algorithms; Data replication; Disaster recovery; Failover algorithms; Virtual machine migration; Consistency algorithms

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v35.i1.pp388-396


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