MAPATON 2023: implementing a tool for the analysis of forest fire zones in Arequipa

Natalia I. Vargas-Cuentas, Meyluz Paico-Campos, Abel Cahuana, Elber E. Canto-Vivanco, Tania Valencia, Sebastian Ramos-Cosi, Peter Villena, Avid Roman-Gonzalez


The "Mapaton 2023," a collaborative initiative by the Peruvian Space Agency, Paraguayan Space Agency, and AMERIGEOS, introduces an innovative approach to analyze fire-prone areas in Arequipa, a pivotal endeavor for disaster prevention. Focused on the provinces of Arequipa and Caylloma, recent studies identified over 1,500 affected hectares by forest fires, emphasizing the urgency of employing satellite images and geospatial analysis techniques. Leveraging Landsat 8 satellite imagery, the research calculated indices, including the normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) for vegetation analysis and the differenced normalized burn ratio (dNBR) for fire severity assessment. Results revealed varying impacts, with some areas exhibiting increased vegetation and others displaying significant damage. The use of ArcGIS online facilitated the presentation of geospatial data, emphasizing the utility of remote sensing in comprehending and addressing forest fires. Drawing insights from analogous studies in Mexico and the Amazon, this research underscores the importance of remote sensing and geospatial analysis in informing preventive measures against wildfires. The findings, crucial for environmental management, are recommended for sharing with relevant authorities, and the continued use of diverse satellite imagery sources is encouraged to enhance accuracy in monitoring and mitigating forest fires.


DNBR; Fire prevention; Forest fires; Landsat 8; NDVI; Satellite images

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