Interface design features and evaluation of batik 4.0 mobile application

Nova Suparmanto, Anna Maria Sri Asih, Andi Sudiarso, Paulus Insap Santosa


The use of information and communication technology could increase the quantity and quality of small medium enterprises (SME) production, including batik industry. This study focuses on the development of batik 4.0, a custom batik mobile-based interface that makes it easier for customer which can be used to quickly produce high-quality digital batik designs. The findings of this study simplify the ordering process for potential clients who want to acquire custom batik designs. Ease of transactions, namely down payments (DP) where users can make advance payments, so that users are relieved in terms of payment transactions. In designing mobile devices, applications, and user interfaces (UI), it is important to consider the user experience (UX). This paper focuses on UX design rooted in the user-centered design (UCD) approach, placing emphasis on understanding user requirements and prioritizing empathy for users. This ensures the recognition of user needs and the creation of a high-fidelity prototype. Then it was validated by the UI experts to identify problems and user difficulties in interacting with the UI. The experts responded positively towards the application and suggest for prototype improvement. Lastly, UX testing; based on the user experience questionnaire (UEQ)-S benchmark results, the batik 4.0 mobile is included in the “Excellent” category.


Batik; Interface design; Mobile application; UI/UX; User-centered design

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