Automated hydroponic nutrient control system for smart agriculture

Ambidi Naveena, Shaik Nannu Saheb, Ratnababu Mamidi, Godavarthi Lakshmi Narasimha Murthy


Hydroponics is a type of soil-free farming that uses less water and other resources than conventional soil-based farming methods. Hydroponic cultivation system has high yield per acre of land with minimal consumption of water and can be a possible to meet the growing food demand of the world. The hydroponic plants fertility must be preserved, proper nutrition, a environmental temperature, and nutrient stability are crucial. It will be simpler for a farmer to keep track of all hydroponic plants by automatically monitoring nutrient flow and ambient temperature stability. By implementing artificial intelligence-based regulating algorithms in the agriculture industry, recent technology advancements are highly helpful in resolving these issues. This paper presents, automated hydroponic nutrient control system (AHNCS) for smart agriculture. System architecture is consisting of sensors network, Raspberry pi 4 microcontroller and actuators. Raspberry pi 4 microcomputer read sensor values from sensors process and activates particular actuator. The automation of the hydroponic system helps to avoid human intervention. The utilization of sensors and actuators, promptly act for the needs of the plant without any delay. The AHNCS having high accuracy, high efficiency and less delay. Hence, automation of the existing hydroponic system can reduce human dependency, provide accurate results, constant monitoring of plant health.


Hydroponic system; Nutrient control system; Raspberry pi 4B; Sensors; Smart agriculture

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