Patient data management using blockchain technology

Vijaykumar Bidve, Kiran Kakakde, Pakiriswamy Sarasu, Shailesh Kediya, Pradip Tamkhade, Suprakash Sudarsanan Nair


The patient data management is an essential component of healthcare systems, the secure and efficient data processing is important for the medical data. Data security, interoperability and privacy are the key requirements of data storage systems of healthcare organizations. The electronic medical records have become a key technique to maintain patient information in hospitals due to the technology revolution. Some hospital systems are also using server-based patient detail management systems, they require considerable storage to record all of the patient's medical reports, limiting scalability. They are facing difficulties, including interoperability, security and privacy worries, cyberattacks on centralized storage, and maintaining medical policy compliance simultaneously. The blockchain technology has come up with solution having decentralized and irreversible data storage. A distributed secure ledger of blockchain is the solution, enabling safe storage and retrieval of data. The proposed work yields effectively deployed smart contracts based on the system's functions, real-time patient health monitoring. The main goal of this system is to bring the whole medical data together on a single platform, employing a secured decentralized approach to store and retrieve medical information effectively.


Blockchain; Decentralized; Healthcare; Interoperability; Patient data

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