Mathematical and computer modeling of atmospheric air pollutants transformation with input data refinement

Nurlan Temirbekov, Yerzhan Malgazhdarov, Dinara Tamabay, Almas Temirbekov


This article addresses the critical issue of harmful impurity dispersion in industrial facility atmospheres, considering point sources and factoring in photochemical changes. Conjugate equations are employed to assimilate pollutant data into the transfer equations' right side. Boundary conditions derive from global models like weather research and forecasting (WRF) and system for integrated modeling of atmospheric composition (SILAM), customized for the unique characteristics of an industrial city's pollutants. To encompass anthropogenic heat sources and surface heterogeneity, the model incorporates differential schemes for the atmospheric boundary layer, transport equations, and impurity transformation equations. Parameters for photochemical transformations, varying with weather and time of day, are derived from Ust-Kamenogorsk. A cloud-based geoinformation system (GIS) is developed for monitoring and forecasting air pollution. It assimilates data sources and accounts for photochemical transformations, enabling visualization of diverse weather and environmental scenarios. The article presents numerical modeling results of impurity spread and transformation influenced by mesometeorological processes, topography, and water resources within a specific city.


Atmospheric boundary layer equation; Computational algorithm; Difference scheme; Mathematical modeling; Numerical experiment; Transformation of harmful substances

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