Brain computer interfaces in computer science and engineering areas: a systematic study

Jozsef Katona, Attila Kovari, Tibor Guzsvinecz, Judit Szűcs, Robert Demeter, Veronika Szücs


Brain-computer interfaces (BCI) are a channel that implements direct communication between the brain and some external unit. Developments of BCIs can provide new application opportunities in a large number of fields of use. In the development of BCI devices, the development of technology and digital technology represented a big change, as it provided the necessary computing power to implement and run the continuously developing signal processing algorithms that ensure processing and evaluation. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of BCI research results which were published in the engineering field. In the present study, articles that had a greater impact, where the annual average number of citations is greater than 30, in the BCI field were reviewed and processed in a systematic way, in order to make individual research more comparable. The systematic processing was focused on the aims of application, used device/ dataset, applied data process and achieved best accuracy. This systematic study summarizes the most effective methods used in the BCI processing and highlights the future trends. The results showed an accuracy of 85% thanks to increasingly reliable, accurate and cost-effective signal detection and processing devices, as well as algorithms.


Brain-computer interfaces; Convolutional neural networks; Data accuracy; Deep learning; Machine learning; Signal processing algorithms; Systematic review

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