Reduced switch cascaded asymmetrical 27 level inverter-STATCOMwith fuzzy logic controller

Sundar Ramesh, Vijayakumar Govindaraj, Raja Raman, Shanmugasundaram Venkatarajan, Kamatchi Kannan Vijayarangan


In this study, a 27-levelinverter with a reduced switch asymmetrical cascaded H-bridge (CHB) with fuzzy logic controller (FLC) is proposed. With series connections, a low voltage converter, a middle level voltage converter, and a high voltage converter make up the static synchronous compensator (STATCOM). The configuration of the asymmetrical inverter uses trinary DCsources. To acquire switching signals for the trinary inverter-based STATCOM to compensate for real power, load voltage, reactive power, load current, and power factor under load changing conditions, FLC is constructed. With fewer switches, the suggested arrangement produces greater voltage levels. The performance of the reduced switch asymmetrical cascaded H-bridge inverter-STATCOM with FLCis simulated using the MATLAB Simulink platform under both static and dynamic load conditions. When compared to reduced switch asymmetrical cascaded H-bridge inverter-STATCOM with traditional proportional integral (PI) controller, the FLC result demonstrates efficient unbalanced load compensation. The FLC in the proposed inverter also lowers the total harmonic distortion.


Cascaded H-bridge; Fuzzy logic controller; Multi-level inverter; Proportional integra; lSTATCOM; Total harmonic distortion

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