Enhanced proportional integral controller for DSTATCOM with particle swarm optimization algorithm in power system

Parag Vijay Datar, Deepak Balkrishna Kulkarni


Power system expansion planning is supported by using distributed generation (DG) instead of installing new main power system generators. The portability and autonomous operation of the DG make it capable of integrating into the distribution system. Power electronics devices for home loads, mainly electric vehicles, mobile phones, and laptops, introduce harmonics and related power quality issues to the distribution system. This load creates power quality issues like an increase in total harmonic distortion (THD) and a reduction in power factor. This paper uses the DG to supply important power electronics devices for the mitigation of power quality problems in distributed systems with non-linear loads, such as electric vehicles, called the “distributed static compensator (DSTATCOM)”. Wind and photovoltaic (PV) generators supply power to a common DC source. To improve power quality D-STATCOM powered by PV and wind energy systems at the DC link is incorporated. The direct axis/quadrature axis method (DQ method) controls the real and reactive components of the power. Proportional integral (PI) and particle swarm optimization (PSO) based PI controller parameter estimation are developed, and results are compared for power quality performance. In terms of improving power quality, the PSO-based parameter estimate of the PI controller performs better than the traditional PI controller.


D-STATCOM; PI controller; PSO-PI controller; PV power; Wind power

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v33.i3.pp1363-1377


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