Detecting surface discharge faults in switchgear by using hybrid model

Yaseen Ahmed Mohammed Alsumaidaee, Siaw Paw Koh, Chong Tak Yaw, Sieh Kiong Tiong, Chai Phing Chen


Switchgear plays a crucial role in power systems, providing protection and control over electrical equipment. However, tracking (surface discharge) can lead to insulation degradation and switchgear failure, necessitating reliable and effective identification of tracking defects. In this paper, we propose a hybrid one-dimension convolutional neural network long short-term memory networks (1D-CNN-LSTM) model as a solution to this problem. Data from both time domain analysis (TDA) and frequency domain analysis (FDA) are utilized for model evaluation. The model achieved error-free accuracy of 100% in both TDA and FDA during the training, validation, and testing phases. The model's performance is further assessed using performance measures and the visualization of accuracy and loss curves. The results show that the hybrid 1D-CNN-LSTM model works well to accurately find and classify surface discharge tracking defects in switchgear. The model offers precise and dependable fault identification, which has the potential to significantly enhance switchgear functionality. By enabling proactive maintenance and timely intervention, the proposed model contributes to the overall reliability and performance of switchgear in power systems. The findings of this research provide valuable insights for the design and implementation of advanced fault detection systems in switchgear applications.


1D-CNN-LSTM; Energy; Surface charge; Switchgear faults; Tracking

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