Application of artificial neural networks for personality traits prediction based on handwriting

Ahmed Remaida, Benyoussef Abdellaoui, Mohamed Amine Lafraxo, Zineb Sabri, Hamza Nouib, Younes El Bouzekri El Idrissi, Aniss Moumen


The automatization of personality traits prediction still brings considerable research these days, especially when the detection could be achieved without administrating personality assessment instruments. With the evolution of computational intelligence, a variety of deep machine learning techniques were developed and proposed for that purpose. Nevertheless, proposing robust and rapid systems to solve this problem remains a challenging task. The process of feature extraction is the main key. This paper presents an effective method for extracting five graphological features from handwriting ensuring the prediction of personality traits based on the big five personality traits model. We started by collecting both handwriting samples and big five questionnaires, then the feature extraction process, after that the data preparation and finished with the application of several popular deep machine learning models to achieve the prediction. Experimental results indicate the remarkable performance of the multi-layer perceptron (MLP) compared to other classifiers, the model was 100% precise and classification accuracy attained 100% for trained data and 72.73% for new tested data. With only 100 participants, we strongly believe that our proposed method is simple and promising, and better results will be attained with a larger dataset.


Big five; Deep machine learning; Handwriting analysis; Multi-layer perceptron; Personality traits

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