Development of an adaptive finite impulse response filter optimization algorithm using rough set theory

Aaron Don M. Africa, John Arvin Mercado, Joshua Kenichi Sim


Signal processing is crucial that as one sends information, there is a corresponding process to encode, decode, and clean the signal of unwanted noise and disruptions via use of filters. Due to the environment and how unpredictable it can be and how noise can come from almost anywhere, the typical filter to be used are adaptive filters. Adaptive filters are non-linear filters and have been used regularly regarding adaptive signal processing, this means that the filter changes accordingly and adapts to the environmental noise surrounding it. The world today has numerous applications for adaptive filters such as channel equalization and acoustic noise cancellation. This incentivizes the further development of this specific technology and the constant research that is ongoing. The main component when it comes to adaptive filtering is the algorithms used for the filter. This research compares the least mean square (LMS) and recursive least square (RLS) algorithms concerning their effectiveness in filtering out unwanted acoustic noises. The paper will cover the design and implementation of an optimized rough set based adaptive finite impulse response (FIR) filter for acoustic noise cancellation. The microstrip and bowtie antenna were used to relay the data. The software MATLAB was used for the simulation.


Bowtie antenna; Finite impulse response; Least mean square; Microstrip antenna; Recursive least square; Rough set theory; Signal processing

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