Peak to average power ratio reduction in spectrally efficient FDM using repeated clipping and filtering

Buthaina Mosa Oman, Yamaan Esmaeel Majeed, Iftekhar Ahmad


Multi-carrier transmission may be considered one of the important developments in wireless communications. Spectrally efficient frequency division multiplexing (SEFDM) is a promising multi-carrier modulation which can significantly improve utilization of spectral. The SEFDM has high peak to average power ratio (PAPR) like any multicarrier system. High PAPR reduces the random forest (RF) transmitter power amplifier efficiency, which minimize the use of this technique in limited power supply transmitters. In this work, a repeated clipping and filtering method is introduced to reduce the PAPR in SEFDM with minimum or no out of band radiation. The results of the simulated approach show that the PAPR of the SEFDM was reduced from 16.264 dB to 7.9146 dB with marginal degradation in system performance when the clipping ratio varied from 4 to 2.


5G; Multi-carrier system; Orthogonal FDM; Peak to average power ratio; Spectrally efficient FDM

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