Research of Embedded Tower Crane Monitoring System Based on FCS

Xijian Zheng, Jinbao Zeng, Hong Zhang, Zhengyi Xie


To compensate for the lack of traditional safety limit device of tower crane, a design scheme of embedded tower crane intelligent monitoring system based on Fieldbus Control System was proposed. By this, online collection and transmission of tower crane real-time conditions were achieved, which could effectively improve the reliability and anti-interference of the system. Embedded development technology was used to build ARM-based master control platform. Embedded Linux cross-compiler environment was also built. Combining with embedded programming software, human-computer interaction interface of tower crane intelligent monitoring system was built, storage and display of tower crane’s online parameters were also realized. The use of the technology has opened up a new field of tower crane condition monitoring application. The research of this paper may provide reference for tower crane safety monitoring and fault diagnosing.





embedded technology; FCS; tower crane; intelligent monitoring; CAN bus

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