Intelligence feeder system for stray cats

Alaa Mohsin Saadoon, Hakan Koyuncu


Recently, the care of stray cats has become an important matter, given the difficulty for these animals to obtain food or water, whether in wild or remote areas, and this may cause the death of these animals. The aim of this work is to design and implement a low-cost feeding system for feral and indoor cats. The system is controlled by a jetson nano and arduino mega 2,560. The cat detection feeder system is built using the single shot multibox detector (SSD) MobileNet V2 algorithm. The system provides food and water for the cats. The SSD on jetson nano is implemented in real time. Jetson nano takes a picture using a webcam then runs the SSD algorithm. When a cat is detected, the arduino turns on a servo motor and a water pump. The system also includes a sim800l and GPS NEO-6M modules to send an alert message when the food and water tanks are empty. The message also contains the location of the feeder. When testing the system to determine the effectiveness of the functions, the SSD algorithm succeeded in recognizing cats, the system successfully provided food for the cats, and all parts of the device worked in high harmonic.


Arduino mega 2560; Cat feeder; Jetson nano kit; Object detection; SSD MobileNet V2;

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