An innovativefractal architecture model for implementing MapReduce in an open multiprocessing parallel environment

Muslim Mohsin Khudhair, Adil AL-Rammahi, Furkan Rabee


One of the infrastructure applications that cloud computing offers as a service is parallel data processing. MapReduce is a type of parallel processing used more and more by data-intensive applications in cloud computing environments. MapReduce is based on a strategy called "divide and conquer," which uses regular computers, also called "nodes," to do processing in parallel. This paper looks at how open multiprocessing (OpenMP), the best shared-memory parallel programming model for high-performance computing, can be used with the proposed fractal network model in the MapReduce application. A well-known model, the cube, is used to compare the fractal network model and its work. Where experiments demonstrated that the fractal model is preferable to the cube model. The fractal model achieved an average speedup of 2.7 and an efficiency rate of 67.7%. In contrast, the cube model could only reach an average speedup of 2.5 and an efficiency rate of 60.4%.


Cloud computing; Cube model; Fractal; MapReduce; Open multiprocessing; Shared-memory

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