Application of ontology-based engineering and stem approach in learning

Bazarova Madina, Adikanova Saltanat, Zhomartkyzy Gulnaz, Vais Yuriy, Alpyssova Ainur, Jaxalykova Akmaral, Kaidarova Meruyert, Bekbayeva Roza


Currently, there is a need to improve the educational system and develop interdisciplinary studies at all stages of education, from school to postgraduate education. The implementation of cross-curriculum connections promotes a holistic view of natural phenomena and the relationship between them, that is, this knowledge becomes more meaningful and applicable in practice. The article proposes an approach to building a conceptual model of the content of education in the form of a thesaurus and ontology, the use of which will ensure that the educational information is adaptively selected and put straight. The article discusses the possibility of and experience in using ontological modeling and engineering for the conceptual description of school and higher education. The article discusses the development of the ontological science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) Education at School model. The article builds an ontological model, which is an integration of the ontology of school and the ontology of university. When filling in the knowledge base, it becomes possible to identify interdisciplinary relationships. The use of ontological engineering methods will improve the quality of education for schoolchildren and students through the semantic description of knowledge of the subject area by using interdisciplinary and STEM approaches in the process of education.


Knowledge; School; Ontology; Ontological engineering; Competencies; Knowledge base

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