Design of adaptive array using least mean square beamformer

Vidya Pramod Kodgirwar, Kalyani R. Joshi, Shankar B. Deosarkar


This paper introduces an 8-element linear array designed for adaptive array applications, using least mean square (LMS) algorithm to enhance the directivity of the array. Microstrip antenna has been optimized at 2.3 GHz, a pivotal frequency ranges relevant to 4G and 5G applications. This design is thoughtfully extended to encompass 8-elements, achieved through the art of parameterization using computer simulation technology (CST) microwave studio. This geometry of 8-element exhibits considerable promise, significantly elevating the gain from 6.13 dBi for a single element to an impressive 15.5 dBi for all eight-element array. To further empower the array’s adaptability and beam-steering capabilities, the LMS algorithm is simulated. This intelligent algorithm computes complex weights, thoughtfully with various angles, including those for the interested user at 60° and 30°, as well as potential interferers at 10° and 15°, as simulated in MATLAB. These meticulously calculated weights are effectively applied to antenna elements using CST, facilitating beam steering in various directions. During CST simulations, notable peaks in performance emerge at 54° and 28°, strategically aligned with nulls at 10° and 15°. Remarkably, these results exhibit a remarkable degree of concurrence with those obtained through MATLAB simulations, affirming effectiveness of the proposed adaptive array design.


Adaptive antenna; Direction of maxima; Direction of null; Directive gain; Interferer direction; S-parameters

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