Implementation of 1D convolutional neural network for improvement remote photoplethysmography measurement

Riza Agung Firmansyah, Yuliyanto Agung Prabowo, Titiek Suheta, Syahri Muharom


Remote photoplethysmography (rPPG) for non-contact heart rate measurement has been widely developed and shows good development. However, motion artifact due to changes in illumination and subject movement is still the main problem. Especially when measurements are taken in real conditions. In these conditions, it will be vulnerable to rPPG signal readings with poor signal quality. So, in this paper, it is proposed to classify the signal quality using one dimensional convolutional neural network (1D CNN). The classification is carried out based on the extraction of the temporal features of the rPPG signal that has been obtained from the plane orthogonal to skin algorithm and the magnitude of the subject's movement when measured. The classification results are entered into a compensated network if the signal obtained shows moderate quality. The compensated network will provide a more accurate estimate of hr value. The test was carried out using a dataset of 10 subjects, each measured with 3 different types of illumination. In the experiments conducted, the system's performance showed an improvement compared to the POS algorithm alone. The experiment found that the mean absolute error measurement was 2.78, and the mean error was relative at 3.67%.


Compensated network; Convolutional neural network; Plane orthogonal to skin; Remote photoplethysmography; Signal quality classification

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