Optimal tuning of PID controller for speed control of DC motor using equilibrium optimizer

Ibukun Damilola Fajuke, Atanda Raji


The efficient and smooth operation of direct current (DC) motors is of high significance in various industrial applications. This study proposed a recent optimization technique, named equilibrium optimizer (EO) for optimal tuning of the parameters of proportional integral derivative (PID) controller to provide accurate and robust control in DC motors. Mathematical modelling of the motor was carried out in Simulink environment using basic electric machine theory. Conventional Ziegler-Nichols (ZN) technique is initially designed to tune the PID controller parameters, an optimization model based on the minimization of integrated absolute error and named EO-PID is formulated and subsequently implemented to optimize the tuned parameters obtained using the ZN-PID controller. Simulation results showed that there is a significant reduction in terms of rise time, settling time, overshoot and mean square error using the proposed EO-PID tuning model as compared to the ZN-PID technique. The result also showed that the proposed EO-PID model gives a better dynamic performance as it eliminates the oscillatory response common with most conventional control techniques. The results of this study have established EO as an effective optimization technique for optimal tuning of PID controller parameters, and can therefore be used by machine operators for various industrial applications.


Direct current motors; Equilibrium optimizer; Optimization; PID tuning; Proportional integral derivative

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v30.i1.pp89-101


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