Texture and pixel intensity characterization-based image segmentation with morphology and watershed techniques

Noor Khalid Ibrahim, Anwar Hassan Al-Saleh, Asmaa Sadiq Abdul Jabar


Image segmentation is an image processing technique that concentrated on finding and locating the parts of an image such as objects and boundaries. The purpose of locating these parts is for use in further processing analysis of an image such as recognition tasks, and content-based image retrieval. This paper introduces the segmentation procedure using a proposed template of features with watershed or morphology operations. Features template based on segmentation process conveys pixels’ intensities property perceived by the threshold value of histogram representation and texture feature where the regions are characterized by their texture content using standard deviation (SD) filtering. Wiener filter and histogram equalization (HE) techniques are used as preprocessing operations to enhance the image quality. The edge detector operator is hybridized to boost the segmentation process. Some statistical metrics are used for assessing and analyzing the performance of the stages in the proposed work. As a result, this proposed template of features achieved more performance with watershed and morphology segmentation.


Histogram equalization; Morphology operations; Pixel intensity; Standard deviation filtering; Texture analysis; Watershed; Wiener filter

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v31.i3.pp1464-1477


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