An abbreviated review of deep learning-based image classification models

Zaman Talal Abbood, Mohammed Nasser Al-Turfi, Layth Kamil Adday Almajmaie


Image classification is an extensively researched sub-fields of computer vision implemented in face recognition, self-driving, medical image segmentation, biological identification, and others. Traditional models of image classification require manual construction of feature extraction techniques and classification accuracy which are closely associated with these utilized techniques. During the rapid progress of multimedia technologies, the number of images that require classification got bigger, and this led to making image classification more complicated, hence, the manual construction of feature extraction techniques consumes more time and provides lower accuracy. In the recent decade, deep learning-based models have appeared in various applications. These models hold the merits of an effective extraction of image features, low-weight features filtering, a large capacity for processing, and higher classification speed and accuracy. Thus, lots of researchers have attempted to utilize deep learning algorithms, especially convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for image classification. Therefore, this paper concentrates on providing an abbreviated review of deep learning-based image classification models, by covering the recently utilized deep learning algorithms, comparing various related works and benchmark datasets mentioned in this paper, and summarizing the fundamental analysis and discussion.


Abbreviated review; Benchmark datasets; Deep learning algorithms; Image classification; Pre-trained convolutional neural networks

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