Cryptocurrencies investment framework using sentiment analysis of Twitter influencers

Mohammed Ali Zare Chahooki, Kia Jahanbin, Tole Sutikno


In recent years, cryptocurrency technology has become an attractive area for investment due to its transparency, independence, and non-transactional nature. Many analysts and researchers talk daily on social media about the future of various cryptocurrencies. These ideas can significantly impact whether or not people are willing to invest. This paper provides a framework to help traders learn about the opinions of influential people and organizations in the field. Over the course of six months, the sentiment of more than 90 significant Twitter users was extracted for the proposed framework. In this study, we used the Vader open-source tool for sentiment analysis. This paper provides an excellent opportunity for investment through sentiment analysis of lesser-known or emerging cryptocurrencies. Also in this paper, we introduce the user importance factor to calculate the value of each tweet based on the number of retweets and comments. This factor shows the importance of their opinions instead of considering the number of followers of the authors. This factor causes a lower coefficient to be assigned to an author's opinion if it decreases in importance over time. The results show that in the short and long term, users' opinions are very effective in the market for cryptocurrencies and in predicting its price  trend.


Cryptocurrencies; Sentiment analysis; Trend price prediction; Twitter influencers; User importance factor;

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