Fragmentation aware heuristic algorithm for routing and wavelength assignment in optical networks

Hamsaveni Mogannaiah, Savita Choudhary, Paramesha Kenchappa


Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) is one of the dominating technologies with high-capacity back bone networks. The cost associated with the high-capacity networks given more importance. The major issue is allocating and managing the available resources. To achieve this most efficient algorithms has to be used. We are considering the routing of lightpath and wavelength assignment problem, called as the routing and wavelength assignment (RWA) problem. The optimization of wavelength fragmentation in the WDM network is very much important in resource utilization. Wavelength fragmentation is one of the most important challenges in the area of the WDM network. Where it leads to some serious issues for the operators, such as the rejection of new requests. We are using integer linear program (ILP), here the problem is based on the node link formation. It is based on the multilayer concept and the original WDM network consists of several layers. We propose an efficient heuristic approach to solve this problem of finding the shortest path and assigning a wavelength without wavelength conversion. The model achieves better performance with fragmentation aware wavelength allocation strategy that minimizes fragmentation.


Fragmentation; Multilayer; Optimization; Routing and wavelength assignment; Wavelength division multiplexing

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