Street-crimes modelled arms recognition technique employing deep learning and quantum deep learning (SMARTED)

Syed Atif Ali Shah, Ahmed Abdel-Wahab, Nasir Ageelani, Najeeb Najeeb


An increase in population causes loopholes in controlling law and order situations. One of the threatening aspects of peace is the availability of weapons to the general public. As a result, many dangerous situations arise, most notably street crimes. Traditional methods are not sufficient to deal with such situations. Consequently, the police and other security concerns need serious technological reforms to prevent such situations. In modern technology tools, deep learning has made great improvements in various areas of daily life, especially in object detection. This paper presents an efficient technique for detecting weapons from closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, videos, or images. Upon the detection of the weapon, the concerned person is automatically informed to take the necessary action; without human intervention. For the first time, RetinaNet has been employed to detect weapons in real-time scenarios. RetinaNet has shown remarkable improvement in this domain, by achieving an average of 90% accuracy in real-time scenarios. With the emergence of quantum computing, many computer environments saw a revolution. Thus, we have also utilized quantum computing technology for real-time weapons detection using quantum deep learning. In this paper, quantum inspired RetinaNet (QIR-Net) is developed for weapons detection and amazing results are observed.


Automatic weapon detection; Convolutional neural networks; Deep learning; Quantum computing; Quantum deep learning; Quantum inspired CNN

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