Flexible and secure continues data transmission among multiple users in cloud environment

Ezhilarasan Elumalai, Dinakaran Muruganandam


Cloud computing is an internet based computing where the sharable information, software and resources are provided based on demand devices. Where, the rapid development and pervasive growth of unavoidable sending of message advances, there are expanding requests of adaptable cryptographic natives to protected group data transactions and computing platforms in cloud. Group key agreement (GKA) protocol enables a group to share a standard encryption key across an open network so that only members of the group may decode the ciphertexts encoded using the secret encryption key that has been released. However, a sender cannot deny any specific member from decryptions the ciphertexts in cloud. However, before sending a message to a group, a user must join the group and follow the GKA protocol to provide the intended members access to a secret key. To find a better solution for the above-mentioned issues, flexible and secure continues data transmission (FSCDT) algorithm is proposed to offer dynamic and secure data transfer broadcasting without full trust of key authority in unreliable cloud environment. It provides compete security proof, outlines the requirements of the aggregatability of the secret attribute based FSCDT building block. Based on experimental evaluations, FSCDT algorithm minimizes encryption time, decryption time and communication cost.


Broadcasting encryptions; Cloud computing; Data transmission microgrid; Decryption time; Encryption time; Flexible and secure continues

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v30.i2.pp1192-1200


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