Sophisticated CPBIS methods applied for FBISODATA clustering algorithm using with real time image database

Muniappan Ramaraj, Dhandapani Sabareeswaran, V. Vijayalaksmi, Chembath Jothish, N. Thangarasu, Govindaraj Manivasagam


Data mining is a process of mining hidden information to the previously unknown data and theoretically useful unknown information from a large amount of genuine data to be stored in a database. Image mining is a part of data mining with used as a predictive measure to identify with the age of the tiger. This research work is mainly focused on, to identify with the age of the Tiger using data mining techniques. This research work incorporates with which those domains of image processing and data mining to predict the age of the tiger using different kinds of color images are used. The fuzzy iterative self-organizing data analysis (FISODATA) clustering method requires more predefined parameters tofind the maximum number of iterations, the minimum number of points in the cluster, and smallest amount of distance with the centers of the clusters. The key undertaking of the studies of diverse colors mechanism is to decide the age of the tiger; the usage of shade action pixel primarily based on image segmentation; the usage of facts that are used in the mining techniques. However, the more matrix components to be measuring the processing time, retrieval time, accuracy, and blunders fee with the aid of using producing better performance.


Classification; Clustering; Color spaces; Data mining methods; Image enhancement method; Result analysis

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