An intelligent mitigation of disturbances in electrical power system using distribution static synchronous compensator

Ahmed Samir Alhattab, Ahmed Nasser B. Alsammak, Hasan Adnan Mohammed


The power quality of an electrical system is critical for industrial, commercial, and housing applications, and with the increasing use of sensitive loads, customers and utilities are beginning to pay more attention to it. A distribution static synchronous compensator (D-STATCOM) represents one of the best custom power devices (CPDs) for improving the power quality of a distribution system. The performance of this device relies upon the algorithm and strategy used for its control. Artificial intelligence was utilized to overcome these shortcomings, while a response optimizer tool was used for the tuning process. An adaptive controller design was also proposed, based on the integration of fuzzy logic with traditional proportional-integral (PI) controller. The fuzzy logic controller system was designed using the adaptive neuro fuzzy interference system (ANFIS) editor. In this work, a D-STATCOM controller was used to mitigate sag and swell problems, while the ANFIS together with the optimization method was used to improve the system response. This study was carried out using MATLAB/Simulink, and the results showed a superior and adaptive performance in mitigating voltage sag and swell problems at different loading conditions compared to the traditional PI.


ANFIS; D-STATCOM; Fuzzy logic; Response optimizer; Sag; Swell

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