Improvement detection system on complex network using hybrid deep belief network and selection features

Sharipuddin Sharipuddin, Eko Arip Winanto, Zulwaqar Zain Mohtar, Kurniabudi Kurniabudi, Ibnu Sani Wijaya, Dodi Sandra


The challenge for intrusion detection system on internet of things networks (IDS-IoT) as a complex networks is the constant evolution of both large and small attack techniques and methods. The IoT network is growing very rapidly, resulting in very large and complex data. Complex data produces large data dimensions and is one of the problems of IDS in IoT networks. In this work, we propose a dimensional reduction method to improve the performance of IDS and find out the effect of the method on IDS-IoT using deep belief network (DBN). The proposed method for feature selection uses information gain (IG) and principle component analysis (PCA). The experiment of IDS-IoT with DBN successfully detects attacks on complex networks. The calculation of accuracy, precision, and recall, shows that the performance of the combination DBN with PCA is superior to DBN with information gain for Wi-Fi datasets. Meanwhile, the Xbee dataset with information gain is superior to using PCA. The final result of measuring the average value of accuracy, precision, and recall from each IDSDBN test for IoT is 99%. Other results also show that the proposed method has better performance than previous studies increasing by 4.12%.


IDS; Complex network; DBN; Feature selection; Feature extraction;

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