Employing various topologies to improve the interleaved boost converters performance

Areej Hamzah Makee, Ali Hussein Al-Omari


In recent years, there has been a significant amount of literature concerning high step-up DC-DC converters. Whereas the voltage level needs to be raised to a higher value so that the DC conversion can meet the AC mains value. A boost converter is the most popular circuit in the field, but because of its drawbacks, employing it is limited. Interleaved boost converters have attracted considerable attention and are a promising solution for high-power step-up and power factor correction applications. To demonstrate the importance of this topology, a comparison has been made with single-switch converters. For this reason, this paper classifies the topologies into two main categories based on the number of main switching elements: Single-switch and interleaved boost converters. Then, each category was classified, including the conventional and the modified types, to cover the effect of adding voltage multiplier cells, coupled inductors, and a combination of coupled inductors and voltage multiplier cells. Each converter’s performance was evaluated by comparing the voltage gain of each unit. Also, this paper highlighted these converters’ essential characteristics, topological strategies, benefits, and demerits to clarify the differentiating solutions. Additionally, this work presents the difficulties or directions for developing novel topologies.


Coupled inductor; High step up; Interleaved boost converter; Interleaved quadratic boost converter; Quadratic boot converter; Single switch boost converter; Voltage multiplier

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v31.i1.pp54-67


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