Utilizing the power controller, enhance the operation of a single-phase AC to DC converter

Raghad Hameed Ahmed, Mohammed Taha Yunis, Basima Taresh Dawood


Smooth switching technology with a single-phase converter from AC to DC is existing in this work. A study of implementing a buck-batch converter was explored and the implementation details assessed. The system explaining the versatile balanced power control (VPBC) has advantages, the suggested boost buck processor is charged during the downtime; the voltage is relieved via the MOSFET switch. It has enhanced the power factor to 0.9715 at full load in further development. The advanced model of the AC to DC converter design will maintain stability and its reliability will depend on the average “charge” and “discharge” with the help of the VPBC-controlled current of the inductor, compensate automatically. Because of this process, a linear construction between line current and voltage is achieved by running normal work at regular intervals. As a result, they almost realized the PF at the input source. The output voltage of the planned for any load condition in the transformer model is always constant (0-1,000) watts. Suggested circuit has a great dynamic reaction.  Suggested PFC circuit is usable for a range of loads. From the simulation, the efficiency of the suggested transformer is 91.11% upper at the rated load. Designed by MATLAB.


Efficiency; MATLAB simulation; Power factor; Single-phase AC-DC converter; Versatile balanced power control

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v29.i3.pp1224-1232


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