Simulation model of ANN and PID controller for TCP/AQM wireless networks by using MATLAB/Simulink

Manal Hadi Jaber, Manal Kadhim Oudah, Salam Waley Shneen


The wireless network transmission control protocol/active queue management (TCP/AQM) is a network that was chosen as a topic for research a basis is laid to simulate the proposed network and to conduct the simulation under certain conditions. To manage the queue control protocol (TCP/AQM) was chosen. The solution for many modern systems depends on placing additional units called controllers, which work to improve the performance of the work of the systems. The current simulation system can be described according to the test cases that were conducted, where four test cases were identified with sequential steps. In this work there are two control methods by simulation and mathematical model of wireless network TCP/AQM with proportional, integral and derivative (PID) controller and neural network. Simulation is conducted for cases in order to determine the performance of each case through comparison according to appropriate criteria to determine the best. The first case is a wireless communication network system with with a traditional controller PID type. The second is a wireless communication network system, a large neural network controller. Simulations were conducted to choose the best methods among those suggested for nonlinear systems and to enhance and achieve the possibility of adopting MATLAB to perform the required simulation.


Active queue management; Artificial neural network; Proportional integral derivative; Transmission control protocol; Wireless networks

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