Design and implementation of school bus information and tracking system application

Moechammad Sarosa, Mentari Tika Putri Ningrum, Putri Elfa Mas’udia


The school bus is a means of transportation that is very attractive to students because it is free. This study aims to develope an application that can track school bus trips and provide information about bus passengers. Bus location information sent to the user application can help students estimate the arrival time of the school bus at the pick-up point. In addition, information on the identity of school bus passengers can be used by parents to monitor the whereabouts of their children going to or from school on the bus. This application uses the global positioning system (GPS) of the smartphone on the school bus to find out the location of the bus and send it along with passenger identification information to the user application. To read passenger identities, near field communication (NFC) cards are used as passenger identity cards by tapping them on a smartphone on a school bus. Tests have been carried out on all functions of the application features and testing the accuracy of location reading and tracking of school bus trips, obtained latitude and longitude tolerance values of about 3.2 meters.


Global positioning system; Near field communication; Passenger; School bus information; Tracking bus

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