NOVA-a virtual nursing assistant

Vijaykumar Bidve, Amit Virkar, Prajakta Raut, Samruddhi Velapurkar


The majority of people are medically unqualified to research or comprehend the severity of their ailments or symptoms. Natural language processing plays a critical role in healthcare in this area. These chatbots collect patient health data and, based on that data, provide more relevant information to patients about their physical ailments, as well as advise next steps. Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered healthcare chatbots are useful in the medical industry for supporting patients and directing them to the most appropriate resources. Chatbots are more useful for online searches that users or patients conduct when they are searching for answers to their health-related questions. With this application, a user can make health requests via text message and might also get relevant health suggestions/recommendations through it. This Chatbot is developed to be both educational and conversational. Chatbot delivers medical information, such as symptoms and remedies for diseases. Patients’ personal and medical information is stored in a database for further study, and patients receive real-time advice from experts. AI-powered apps in healthcare have experienced a significant increase in recent days. As a result, office wait times are reduced, saving money and energy. Patients may be learning medical information and assisting at their own pace and location.


Artificial intelligence; Chatbot; Machine learning; Natural language method; Sentiment analyzer

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