Advanced compensation scheme for enhancing photovoltaic power quality

Mohammad Ehtesham, Md Junaid


With the photovoltaic (PV) system becoming highly popular in distribution network, there is also a growing concern regarding its adverse impacts over the power quality (PQ) of integrated system. This deterioration in PQ hassparked a new interest in the filtering techniques used in the power systemfor mitigating these problems. In contrast to conventional passive filters now active power filters (APFs) are being looked as the predominant solution.This paper presents a state-estimation based effective compensation strategy for enhancing performance of employed APF scheme. A novel control technique for PQ enhancement is proposed where Kalman filtering approach has been applied for generating the reference signals. Also, an adaptive hysteresis band technique has been applied here in the switching strategy. Thus an enhanced filter performance is achieved with reduced complexity and better elimination of distortions. Simulated results obtained in MATLAB/Simulink platform have been analyzed completely, where the superiority of filtering algorithm has been also demonstrated through leasttotal harmonic distortion (THD) achieved in source current among all the existing Kalman filters.


Active power filter; Harmonics; Photovoltaic; Power quality; Reference signal

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