Web service discovery approach: application in e-healing domain

Mohamed Halim, Nouha Adadi, Mohammed Berrada, Driss Chenouni


The main objective of today's companies is to cope with rapid changes in the environment. For this, they must ensure the integration and interoperability of their applications. To manage and automate the life cycle of these applications, companies are adopting web services technology. The current problem is that the content of these web services cannot be processed automatically. Only humans can interpret its contents. The semantic web is a new vision of the web that promises to overcome this difficulty. The goal of this technology is to automate the retrieval, assembly, and selection of web services. In this post, we are interested in semantic detection of web services. The main problem is automatically discovering web services on request from clients. Against this background, we first describe the principle of the proposed detection mechanism and then present the designed matchmaking algorithm. Finally, we implement our proposed method. To verify our work, we run tests against various user requests and web service panels. As part of a case study, we consider an online hospital problem. This problem is a typical web service discovery scenario to which the concepts of our method are applied.


Matchmaking algorithms; Online hospital problem; Semantic web; Service discovery; Web services

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijeecs.v30.i1.pp557-566


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