Automatic control speed of vehicles near schools and colleges

Zahraa Niema Kamal, Ali Rashid Ramul, Ahmed Fahem Al-Baghdadi, Hawraa Neama Jasim


Presently, accidents are increasing because people drive very quickly, therefore we have lost important lives as a result of simple driving errors near schools, colleges, and hospital zones. So, the highway authority has placed signboards in such spots to prevent similar accidents and notify drivers and manage their vehicle speed. However, it is sometimes possible to see that type of signboard, and there is a risk of an accident. The major aim of this project is to create a smart display controller that can control the vehicle's speed to prevent road accidents caused by vehicles driving too fast in an area where it is prohibited. The project is composed of two components: a transmitter unit (zone status) and a receiver unit for speed display and control. A transmitter unit is a wireless type (HC-12 wireless transceiver module), which sends signals and controls the vehicle’s receiver unit (HC-12 wireless transceiver module). A receiver unit receives data from the transmitter and analyzes the data. The controller automatically reduces the vehicle’s speed to the specified speed due to the data transfer from the transmitter to the receiver. This project supports many sustainable development goals (SDGs), especially the fourth goal "quality education" and the ninth goal industry, innovation, and infrastructure ".


Automatic control speed; Sustainable development goals; Wireless transceiver module

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