Mathematical models for resolving the nonlinear formula for solar cell

Mohammed Rasheed, Iqbal Alshalal, Arshad Abdula Ashed, Mohammed Abdelhadi Sarhan, Ahmed Shawki Jaber


Accurate representation of a photovoltaic solar cell requires a comprehensive assessment of modeling factors that are unique to the individual device being studied. In the context of the single diode model, it is necessary to ascertain five distinct parameters, namely Rs, Rsh, Iph, Io, and n. In general, analytical or numerical methods may be used to calculate these values. In this paper, two alternative iterative approaches to solving nonlinear problems in solar cells without temperature are described and analyzed. The new iterative approach has several instances that have been quantitatively tested. This novel approach can be seen as a potential option for solving nonlinear equations. Additionally, a comparison between the suggested method, classic chord formula (CCM), and predictor-corrector type reveals that it is better and has the lowest evaluation. This is supported by an examination of accuracy and efficiency (as evaluated by function evaluations) false position method (FPM).


Iterations; Load resistance; Photovoltaic; Thermal voltage; Voltage

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