Supply chain strategy during the COVID-19 terms: sentiment analysis and knowledge discovery through text mining

Muhammad Khahfi Zuhanda, Yuan Anisa, Desniarti Desniarti, Muhammad Hafiz, Anil Hakim Syofra, Rezzy Eko Caraka, Maengseok Noh


The coronavirus pandemic has affected not only health but also the economy. The use of big data in finding information can be used to gain profits that logistics companies can utilize to survive during the pandemic. This study conducted text-mining research on service consultant sites in the logistics sector. This study aims to present frequency diagrams, analyze sentiment using the National Research Council (NRC) lexicon, present bigrams, and seek knowledge about strategies to minimize shipping costs and maintain inventories of manufactured goods. The words "supply", "chain", and "COVID-19" are words that are used frequently throughout the article. The results of this study showed that the words that often appear from word excavation are the words "supply", "chain", "logistics", "kpis," and "inventory". Then emotion trust becomes an emotional word that often appears in articles. The words "Supply" and "pandemic" are the words that seem the most positive and negative words, respectively. The words "COVID-19", "safety stock", and "inventory management" are words that often appear together. The result of discovery knowledge is that logistics consultants offer emotions of trust and provide many insights on minimizing shipping costs and maintaining inventory during a pandemic.


COVID-19; Knowledge discovery; Sentiment analysis; Supply chain; Text mining

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